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About the Firm

Green Dock Partners L.L.C. (GDP) is a private real estate investment firm focused on value-add investing in distressed real estate through creative problem solving. Our vertically-integrated platform combines real estate expertise with experience in specialized dispositions of machinery and manufacturing equipment. The firm’s hybrid investment model allows us to identify value in all aspects of a deal, deploy capital directly or together with joint venture partners across asset classes, and leverage relationships to deliver the most accretive outcome for our clients and investors.

Looking at Blueprints

Experienced Team

Through decades of experience, our principals have built reputations as trusted partners, skilled investors, and innovative problem solvers. We take pride in our ability to collaborate effectively and are unafraid of difficult situations. In fact, we seek out complex transactions as these deals allow us to apply our unique expertise in identifying and unlocking value where others do not.

Our Philosophy

We believe investing is not a zero-sum game – our success is measured by the success of our partners. The bedrock of our strategy is forging lasting relationships, generating strong multiples, and preserving the environment and communities in which we invest. 

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